Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is an order for the immediate arrest of a person and it is typically issued by the court for a failure to appear in court on a specific date. Some common reasons why a bench warrant is issued for someone:

•Failure to appear after an indictment issued and you are asked to report to court on a specific date and time for arraignment;

•Failure to appear after you receive a traffic ticket or citation;

•Failure to appear after you are ordered to appear at a certain date and time by the judge;

•Failure to appear to show proof of progress on class that is part of the sentence (e.g. Caltrans, community service, AA classes, etc.);

•Failure to appear for a court date after you have been ordered to appear by the court.

Generally, after you show up to clear the bench warrant, you maybe taken into custody because you have already broken your promise to the court. As such, it is very important that you show up with an experienced attorney to who can help you navigate the law.